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How to access blocked websites wordfree4u,1337x

Q1. Why the Government of India blocked these websites.
Ans. The government blocked only illegal websites. Illegal websites mean websites that provide unauthorized content. I.e Pirated Content (Movies, serials, etc.), Porn sites.

Q2. Who blocked you to access those websites?
Ans. Firstly you need to know that, who blocked you to access those websites? The answer is your ISP (Internet service provider) i.e Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, Bsnl, etc., not the government.
The government give order to ISP’s to not to provide access to these websites.

Q.3 I know to access these websites are illegal, but still, I want to access wordfree4u, 1337x (torrent site), how can I do that?
Ans. There are several ways to access them.
One of them is to change your ISP (Aitel, Jio, etc. to Broadband Service Providers).
Second is try VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN hides your actual (real) identity that’s why the ISP’s can’t block/ prevent you to access those sites.

Q.4 How to use VPN to access websites?
Ans. There are also several options.
First is use free proxy provider i.e www.Hide.me, www.HideMyAss.com

  1. Open this link https://hide.me/en/proxy
  2. Paste this link http://worldfree4u.club at a given area and press Visit Anonymously, as shown in the below pictures:-
  3. https://ibb.co/zrSqNn6
  4. https://ibb.co/5hsP93N

I know it is messy things for novice / a normal PC user. So here is the second way

  1. Download Opera Browser in your pc.
  2. Start New Private Window by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+N or by clicking on the Opera logo.
  3. Click on the VPN Button (As shown in below image) and turn on it. Now you are free to use any websites.

Third and the best way is to use VPN in your pc. In the market, there are lots of sellers available who sells the VPN services. But if you are looking for free VPN then i suggest you to download Kaspersky Secure Connection from here https://www.kaspersky.co.in/vpn-secure-connection.

  1. Download free VPN from here https://www.kaspersky.co.in/vpn-secure-connection
  2. Open the app after the installation.
  3. Turn on the Secure your internet connection (As shown in below picture).
    Note:- You can’t choose your desired location in demo version. And there is a limit of 200 MB/day. It means you can only browser or download 200MB data per day in the demo version.

Q.5 How to use 200MB VPN data to download full movie.
Ans. Do the following steps:-

  1. Turn on the Vpn.
  2. Visit the desired website i.e http://worldfree4u.
  3. Start downloading.
  4. Turn off the Vpn. (Your downloading will not stop).

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