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Informatics Assistant Expected Cut Off with Answer Key 2018

Informatics Assistant के एग्जाम मैं जिसके जितने-जितने questions सही हुए है, उस हिसाब से अपनी category मैं अपना score select करे ||

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Q.1 XLL definition is used along with XML to specify :

Ans. The links with other document

Q.2 Which of the following is not a search engine ?

Ans. Windows

Q.3 Search engine which takes input from a user and simultaneously send out queries to third party search engines for results, is :

Ans. Meta search Engine

Q.4 The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred as :

Ans. Search Engine Result Pages

Q. 5 Which of the following is not a recovery technique ?

Ans. Two – Phase Commit

Q.6 A statement that is executed automatically by the system as a side effect of a modification to the database is known as :

Ans. Triggers

Q.7 An integral part of database that can restore database to previous state before failure is called :

Ans. *****

Q.8 Drawing, photographs, movies and simulation comes under the category of:

Ans. Graphics

Q.9 Vector and ________ are the two types of computer graphics.

Ans. Raster

Q.10 The ratio of vertical points to horizontal points and vice-versa is called

Ans. Aspect ratio

Q.11 ______ is a technology that allows brick and mortar retail stores to send messages directly to the smart phones of their customers by.

Ans. Beacons

Q.12 The ______ facility allows customers to purchase the items they want online, and pick them up from their physical store, merging the convenience of e-commerce with the benefits of physical retail outlets.

Ans. Click and Collect

Q.13 Use of Internet to connect a wide variety of devices, machines and sensors for empowering brick and mortar stores by giving them the same access to data that online stores have is a facility falls under which of the following technologies ?

Ans. IoT (Internet of Things)

Q.14 Which of the following is not a java code editor ?

Ans. MS Word (Because we can’t save ms file with the extension of .java) 

Q.15 Which is not a feature of a GUI that makes learning a program easy for users ?

Ans. Detailed key strokes and commands

Q.16 Which property in Visual Basic determines whether a control is displayed to the user ?

Ans. Visible

Q.17 ______ audio/video refers to on-demand requests for compressed audio/video files.

Ans. Streaming stored

Q.18 A ______- buffer is required for real-time traffic.

Ans. Reordering

Q.19 A ____- changes the format of a high-bandwidth video signal to a lower quality narrow-bandwidth signal.

Ans. *** Timestamp / Segment

Q.20 Text’s encryption is its

Ans. Scrambling to preserve its security

Q.21 One commonly used public-key cryptography method is the _____ algorithm.

Ans. RSA

Q.22 Which is not the characteristic of good algorithm ?

Ans. Unordered

Q.23 Which of the following is a tool to diagrammatically depict the logic of a computer program ?

Ans. Flowchart

Q.24 Which structure allows the program to make a choice between two alternate paths depending upon the condition ?

Ans. Iteration

Q.25 NAT stands for

Ans. Network Address Translation

Q.26  What is the firewall ?

Ans. *** Filters the packets that come from Internet / Filters the packets that come from internet to intranet

Q.27 A network security system that protects network resources by filtering messages at the application layer is,

Ans. Proxy Firewall

Q.28 In object oriented programming, an object is an instance of :

Ans. Class

Q.29 Class members of a class in C++ program are by default

Ans. Private

Q.30 An object- oriented programming concept that refers to the ability of a variable, function, or object to take on multiple forms is :

Ans. Polymorphism

Q.31 The declaration int arr[2][5]; will allocate ____ bytes.

Ans. 20 ** depends upon the compilers

Q.32 Which is not a data type of C ?

Ans. class

Q.33 The following two C language statements are equivalent to , n = *&q. These statemets are

p = &q;

n = *p;

Ans. n = q

Q.34 ______ error arises due to incorrect use of syntax.

Ans. Compile time error

Q.35 COBOL and Pascal are examples of ________ programming languages.

Ans. Structured

Q.36 In conversion of HLL(high lever language) to machine language the syntax analysis part is called as ____

Ans. *** Parsing / Lexical analysis

Q.37 Majar-e-Fakhri is situated in which of the following districts ?

Ans. Dungarpur

Q.38 Which of following launch of ISRO was rescheduled recently ?

Ans. GSAT-11

Q.39 What is rank of Rajasthan in India according to World Bank’s “Ease of doing business” index ?

Ans. 8th

Q.40 In which of following year (PIC) Patent Information Centre was established in Rajasthan ?

Ans. 1998

Q.41 What is the name of one stop solution for startups and venture capitalists launched by Rajasthan Government ?

Ans. istart

Q.42 During the year 2017, for promotion of IT activities and startups Digifest were organized at which of following cities ?

Ans. Kota and Udaipur

Q.43 What is the name of Rajasthan governments e-mail service which allows the users to create their e-mail address in regional languages including Hindi ?

Ans. RajMail

Q.44 Which of following goverment application is the source of information about Indian Mission abroad ?

Ans. MEA India

Q.45 National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) was launched in which of following year ?

Ans. *** 2011 

Q.46 In which of following city headquarter of Microsoft is situated ?

Ans. Washington

Q.47 In which Printer Ribbon is used ?

Ans. Dot Matrix Printer

Q.48 What is the VVPAT ?

Ans. Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail

Q.49 What is ‘Laxmi’ with reference to Reserve Bank of India ?

Ans. Crypto Currency

Q.50 ‘Divyang Sarathi’ is _____.

Ans. Mobile Application

Q.51 Which satellite has been launched by ISRO using PSLVC-39 from Sriharikota?

Ans. IRNSS – 1H

Q.52 The social ideals of Mahatma Gandhi were first put forth in

Ans. Hind Swaraj

Q.53 Ajanta Caves are connected with which of the following ?

Ans. Jataka Stories

Q.54 Who had broken the AB de villier’s record to become the fastest to score 8000 ODI run ?

Ans. Virat Kohli

Q.56 Which of the following books is not written by Munshi Premchand ?

Ans. The Guide

Q.57 Which metro has become the world’s first ever metro system to get green certification.

Ans. Delhi Metro

Q.58 Boting instructions are stored inside :

Ans. ROM

Q.59 The software program which is compiled legally and is usually used free is referred as

Ans. Shareware

Q.60 Data Processing cycle consists of :

Ans. Input, output and processing cycle

Q.61 ________ is an inference drawn from the processed data and information.

Ans. Statistical data

Q.62 A transaction file stores :

Ans. Data that frequently changes

Q.63 MS-Access database is saved as ______ extension.

Ans. .mdb

Q.64 PDF is an acronym for :

Ans. Portable document format

Q.65 Layer 1 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is,

Ans. Physical Layer

Q.66 Which of the following was the first commercial web browser ?

Ans. Mosaic

Q.67 Size of IPV6 address is _________.

Ans. 128 bits

Q.68 Which protocol is used between e-mail servers ?


Q.69 The ______ shows all the web sites and pages that we have visited earlier.

Ans. History

Q.70 An organization that provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet is called the,

Ans. Internet Service Provider

Q.71 ‘Ethernet’ is another name of ______

Ans. Local Area Network (LAN)

Q.72 The normal speed of Ethernet is ______

Ans. 10 Mbps

Q.73 The stylesheet file will not be loaded by the browser if you omit _____

Ans. REL

Q.74 Which of the following is a container tag ?

Ans. <BODY>

Q.75 Which attribute in Anchor Tag <A> is used to show the hyperlink ?


Q.76 A _______ is a small program embedded inside a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format ) image.

Ans. Web bug

Q.77 Saving a file from Internet to computer is known as :

Ans. Downloading

Q.78 A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a reference to a

Ans. Web Resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it

Q.79 Which phase comes after execution in electronic market trade cycle ?

Ans. Settlement

Q.80 Which is not an example of G2C services ?

Ans. e-bay.com

Q.81 EFT stands for ______

Ans. Electronic Fund Transfer

Q.82 A malicious program that does not replicate automatically is,

Ans. Trojan horse

Q.83 Statement :

(i) All pens are pencils

(ii) All books are pencils

Conclusions :

I : All pens are books

II : Some books are pens

Ans. Neither conclusion I nor II follows

Q.84 Which one of the following is not an argument ?

(A) If today is Tuesday, tomorrow will be Wednesday.

(B) Since today is Tuesday, tomorrow will be Wednesday.

(C) Ram is not at home, so he must have gone to town.

(D) Ram insulted me so I punched him in the ear.

Ans. *****

Q.85 In the given diagram circle represent police officer, square represent strong men, triangle represent tall men. Which region represent police officer who are strong but not tall ?

Ans. 2

Q.86 Seven persons X, Y, Z, P, Q, R and S are sitting around a circular table facing the but not necessarily in the same order. Q is fourth to the left of Y. P is third to the right of X, Y is to the immediate right of X. Z is fourth to the right of R. R is not an immediate neighbour of P. Who is second to the left of S ?

Ans. Q

Q.87 H is richer than J;

M is richer than P;

L is as rich as J

A is richer than H.

What conclusion can be definitely drawn from the above statements ?

Ans. L is poorer than H

Q. 88 Find out suitable vein diagram from A, B, C and D

Vegetables, Potato, Cabbage

Ans. Informatics Assistant 2018

Q.89 If a rectangle were called a circle, a circle a point, a point a triangle and a triangle a square, the shape of a wheel is

Ans. Point

Q.90 Statement : We should use Khadi clothes.

Assumption :

I : Khadi clothes are not harmful for health.

II : Khadi clothes are cheaper than other clothes.

Ans. ***********

Q.91 Four friends are sitting in a square. C is right to B and A is left to B. Who is right to C ?

Ans. D

Q. 92 Choose the correct mirror image of figure F from amongst the given four alternatives figures

Ans. Informatics Assistant || Just4paisa || Er. Ajay

Q.93 A question and two statements number I and II are given below it. You have to decide whether the data provide in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.

How many sons does X have ?

Statement :

I : E and W are only two brothers of P.

II : P is the only daughter of Q and X.

Ans. Both statements I and II are necessary.

Q. 94 The memory management scheme that allows the processes to be stored non-contiguously in memory :

Ans. Paging

Q.95 Ctrl + right arrow is used to _____

Ans. Move the cursor one word right

Q.96 Auto correct was originally designed to replace ___ words as you type.

Ans. Misspelled

Q.97 Which feature of word enables a person tot send same letters to different persons ?

Ans. Mail Merge

Q.98 We cannot hide a ____ in MS Excel.

Ans. Range

Q.99 Which of the following chart types will be the most appropriate to plot the ups and downs and track the progress of the stock market on a daily basis ?

Ans. Line Chart

Q.100 If the formula = If(B5 > 100, ‘A’, ‘A*’) is entered in the cell C5, and the cell B5 at different instances contains the values 75, 150 and 100, then cell C5 will have the following values respectively.

Ans. A*, A, A*

Q.101 Which of the following is not a part of slide design?

Ans. Slide Layout

Q.102 Objects on the slide that hold text are called :

Ans. Placeholders

Q.103 Transition effects are applied to

Ans. Slides

Q.104 In MS Access images can be set to _____ data type.

Ans. OLE 

Q.105 The basic elements of a form are called :

Ans. Controls

Q.106 To make a database password protected in MS Access :

Ans. Data –> Security —> Set database password

Q.107 The devices used to obtain a printed matter into digital form, and digital matter into printed form respectively are,

Ans. Scanner and Printer

Q.108 The electric pulse generated by system clock is called as

Ans. Cycle

Q.109 An Industry Standard designed to standardize the connection of computer peripherals to computers, both to communicate and to supply electric power is,

Ans. *** IEEE Standard / USB

Q. 110 How many symbols does the hexadecimal system use ?

Ans. 16

Q. 111 To convert a decimal number into octal, we do

Ans. Divide decimal number with 8

Q112 The hexadecimal subtraction of (1056)16 from (A427)16 results in

Ans. (3711)16

Q.113 The term gigabyte refers to :

Ans. 1024 megabytes

Q.114 Processed data is known as :

Ans. Information

Q.115 2’s complement of (1000)2 is

Ans. 1000

Q.116 Software agents are also known as :

Ans. Softbots

Q.117 The missing number in the series :

0, 6, 24, 60, 120, ?, 336

Ans. 210 (difference of difference )

Q.118 In a certain code language “Great solution turn plan” is written “&T5 #N8 @N4 %N4”. Then “Tamilnadu” written in that code

Ans. @U9

Q.119 Choose the correct number for the given series

30, 90, 182, 306, 462, ?

Ans. 650

Q.120 How many parallelograms (समान्तर चतुर्भुज) are there in the following figure ?

Informatics Assistant Question Paper 2018 || just4paisa || Eraj

Ans. 60

Q.121 Which folk drama of Rajasthan is called “Meru Natya”?

Ans. Gavari

Q.122 According to recent announcements, new free of cost facility provided to heart patients in Rajasthan is –

Ans. Angiography

Q.123 Which pair among the following is incorrectly matched ?

(A) Sirohi – Gokul bhai Bhatt

(B) Karouli – Trilokchand Mathur

(C) Jaislmer – Meethalal Vyas

(D) Alwar – Ladaram Vyas

Ans. Alwar – Ladaram Vyas

Q.124 Which of the following sector is related to Meera Puraskar ?

Ans. Literature

Q.125 Where every year the soils are rejuvenated naturally, the region is known as –

Ans. Khadar Region

Q.126 ‘Hoorda Conference’ was organized in which year ?

Ans. 1734 A.D.

Q.127 Incised cut ear and ‘Jata’ are identification mark of which of the following ?

Ans. Oghar Jogi

Q.128 From ist Jan., 2018 what will be the new loan interest rate for farmers, changed by co-operative land development banks ?

Ans. 5.5%

Q.129 In Rajasthan, for WPI, which year is taken as the base year ?

Ans. 2004-2005

Q.130 Kachnar Choudhary is associated with which of the following games ?

Ans. Shot Put

Q.131 Which one of the following is called “Hindu Olympus” by Col. James Todd ?

Ans. Mount Abu

Q.132 Peepalpanna is –

Ans. Women’s neck ornament

Q.133 When was the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) established ?

Ans. 1964

Q.134 Which of the following district is not directly related to ‘Mahi high level canal project’ for pure portable water ?

Ans. ***

Q.135 According to new budget, what is the GST rate for slabs and tiles in Rajasthan ?

Ans. *** 18%/28%

Q.136 What will be the result of Priya’s Secondary Board Examination this year easy.

Statement :

I : This year Secondary Board Examination question papers were very easy.

II : Almost all the students appeared in the Secondary Board Examination succeed.

Ans. ***

Q.137 The angle subtended by sector related to military at the center is –

Informatics Assistant Question 2018 || Just4paisa || Eraj

Ans. 212.40

Q.138 How many numbers between 100 and 300 begin or end with 2 ?

Ans. 110

Q.139 In which year wast Kartik Born ?

(i) Kartik is 6 years older than Mayur.

(ii) Mayur’s brother was born in 1982.

(iii) Kartik’s brother is 2 years younger than Mayur’s brother, who was eight years younger than Mayur.

How many of above are enough to find out the birth year of Kartik ?

Ans. (i) , (ii), (iii)

Q.140 The given figure shows the food linking of 1080 people of a city.

The percent of the people who lide IDLI is

Ans. 12.5%

Q.141 If 6th February 2018 fall on Tuesday then what will be the day on 6th February 2020?

Ans. Thursday

Q.142 In the given figure going from A to B only on the lines are taking the least length of path. In how many ways can reach ?

Informatics Assistant Question Paper || Just4paisa || Eraj

Ans. 6

Q.143 1000 candidates appeared in an examination comprising tests in English, History and Science. The Venn diagram gives the number of candidate who failed in different tests. What is the percetage of candidates who failed in any two subjects ?

Ans. 9%

Q.144 A committee of three persons is to be formed out of seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G according to the following conditions.

(i) Either A or C or both must be chosen

(ii) If A or B is chose, the other must also be chose,.

(iii) C and D can’t be chosen together

If D is chose, which of the following could also be chosen ?

Ans. A,B

Q.145 From the given words, select the word which can not be formed using the letters of the given word :



Q.146 A is 5 ranks ahead of B in a class of 46 students. If B’s rank is twelth fro the last, what is A’s rank form the start ?

Ans. 30

Q. 147 Two positions of a dice are shown below. What will be the number at the bottom if 5 is at the top ?

Ans. 3

Q. 148 If “INDIA” is coded as “KQIPK” in a code language. How is “JAPAN” written in that code?


Q.149 Pointing to and old man, Vijay said, “His son is my son’s Uncle”. How is old man related to Vijay ?

Ans. Father

Q.150 Find the missing number form the given option:

Informatics Assistant Question Paper 2018 || Just4paisa || Eraj

Ans. *** 1 / 104

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